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Custom Application

At Bestland Air, we offer ground and aerial crop application services for growers of all size throughout Manitoba. With industry leading technology, we’re able to provide efficient crop protection that is both economical and beneficial to producers. There are many benefits for both aerial and ground spraying. To determine which method is most suitable for your farm, please contact us.

Aerial Application Manitoba

Aerial Application

Aerial application provides rapid, accurate, and economical coverage on large areas when crop protection is necessary and time is critical. This method is an excellent alternative for areas where a ground unit cannot operate due to wet soil conditions. At Bestland Air, we offer a variety of insecticides and fungicides that can be applied by air.

Benefits of aerial application

  • Timely and efficient
  • Not limited to soil conditions
  • No compaction or damage caused by ground unit tire tracks
  • Yield advantage


Ground Application Manitoba

Ground Application

Ground application provides growers with a precise application on areas hemmed in by trees or surrounded by hazards.

When should you use a ground application?

  • Application of herbicides
  • Can operate in windier conditions
  • In areas where air application is not the right fit (i.e. hazards)